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  1. Quickly calculate both loan and lease payments.
  2. Show up to 4 lease/loan terms on same quote (e.g. 36, 48, 60, 66 months)
  3. Use “cost-up” or “MSRP-down” pricing.
  4. Roll Payment (Force Payment) for both loans and leases.
  5. Roll Cash Required (Force Cash Required) for both leases and loans.
  6. Customizable tax settings.
  7. Calculated amounts may be overridden by user.
  8. Switch between lease and loan with one click.
  9. Calculates loans with monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, 2 times per month, quarterly, 2 times per year, and annual payments
  10. Calculates lease using constant yield, GMAC, and Ford methods.
  11. Quickly select loan rates for user configured banks.

Deliveries are quick and seamless with Deal Synergy. Deal documents can be printed in entirety via laser or inkjet, or fill out pre-printed forms with an impact printer. Deal Synergy can output to almost any printer that Internet Explorer supports.

Document Printing:
Calculation Features:
Deal Status Tracking:
  1. Track and monitor deals as the progress from quotes to delivery and funding.
  2. Optionally require manager approval on deals.
  3. Deal status visible to managers and salesman.
  4. Flashing status indicator lets salesman know when deal has been viewed by manager and vice-versa.
  1. True multi-user environment allows users within a group to access a single database of vehicles, customers, and deals.
  2. Salesperson and manager share data and work together to make sales.
  3. Manager can assign or re-assign customers and deals to salespeople.
Multi-User Capabilities:

Deal Synergy allows you to showcase your inventory on your web site with multiple, large, color photos of each vehicle. Visitors to your site can browse your inventory and submit inquiries or offers on any vehicle with just a few clicks.

Adding a vehicle in Deal Synergy to your web site is easy. Simply enter the description and pricing information, upload your photos, and then check the “Show On-Line” check box. Features include:

  1. Simple implementation – Just add a link to the Deal Synergy inventory page from your web site.
  2. Adding photos is quick and simple with drag-and-drop upload process. Each vehicle can have up to 50 photos!
  3. Vehicles are automatically marked as “sold” when status changes in Deal Synergy.
  4. Inquiries can be emailed or posted as leads (see lead management below) or both.
  5. Specify contact name and phone number for each vehicle if desired.
  6. Highlight specially priced vehicles with color and text. Visitors can filter inventory list by model year or make. Sort by yean, make, price, or odometer miles.
  7. Customizable color scheme so that inventory page matches your site.

Sample Inventory Pages: Sample 1, Sample 2, Sample 3.

Deal Synergy On-line Inventory is available as a stand alone service or as part of select dealer packages. (Click here for pricing).

Put Your Inventory On-Line:

Multi-user deal quoting with integrated inventory and lead management.

  1. Log-in and use Deal Synergy from anywhere in the world. All you need is a pc running Windows and a broad-band connection to the Internet.
  2. Email quotes to customers with just a few clicks.
  3. Upload a photo of your vehicle to be included in your quotes.
  4. Schedule and track follow-up calls to customers.
  5. Powerful relational database allows users to cross reference deals, vehicles, and customers with one or two clicks.
Additional Features:
Lead Management:

The Deal Synergy has the capability to accept and manage leads from most sources allowing you to quickly and efficiently respond to your stream of incoming leads. Benefits include:

  1. Elimination or reduced data entry of customer and vehicle information
  2. Automatic or manual assignment of leads to other Deal Synergy users within group.
  3. Tracking of lead source and or keywords.
  4. Tracking of lead status.
  5. Accept leads from your visitors using your own custom form Or use our easy to integrate quote form to post your leads directly into Deal Synergy.

For more information please see the Lead Management page.

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